G7 Commercial Print

As part of our commitment to repeatable and reliable color reproduction for our customers, Printing Arts has successfully completed the rigorous certification process involved in becoming a G7 "Master Printer".

What is the G7 Specification?

G7® is a Specification defined by the Print Properties and Colorimetrics Working Group of IDEAlliance. Initially G7 was developed by the IDEAlliance GRACoL Working Group. But as adoption of G7 grew, it became clear that the application of this specification that enables printers to reproduce a similar visual appearance across printing types and substrates should be addressed by a group with reach beyond the focus on sheetfed offset printing that is unique to the GRACoL working group. Today, through the PPC Working Group, experts from across the spectrum of printing disciplines contribute to this important IDEAlliance Specification. G7® specifies the components of an image that define a similar "visual appearance" to the human eye.

To do this, the G7 Specification:
defines a colormetric definition for gray balance
specifies gray balance in the midtones, image weight and image contrast from the highlights to the shadows are the factors that determine likeness of the visual appearance of an image


The IDEAlliance G7 Master Program is a qualification program that identifies those creatives, premedia and printing companies who have been trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves and can meet print buyer requirements to produce proofs or printed output conforming to the metrics that reliably render brand images across print locations and different printing types.. The qualification mark means that the printer uses the modern technology based on colorimetry, and employ G7 process controls. G7 Masters bear the IDEAlliance seal of approval. Attaining G7 Master status is a competitive goal for those providing creative, premedia and printing services, worldwide.

To learn more about the G7 Specification please visit the IDEAlliance Website.