Quality Assurance

Press LoupePrinting Arts is responsible for maintaining the quality of workmanship and processing for all commercial print and packaging components. We build proactive quality control into the production process so that the measurement of our quality is just that – measurement – not inspection. The systems that we employ touch all areas of manufacturing; from our communication to the use of technology to ensure color accuracy. Printing Arts is committed to continually improving those processes that deliver superior products and translate to customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to establish and continually improve our operating business framework that consistently provides products  that meet our customers’ requirements and aims to enhance their satisfaction.

  • Technical Experience: Our project teams have the technical experience to develop innovative and effective packaging systems that will satisfy your goals and objectives.
  • Technical Support Group: Provides performance and material evaluation to ensure that each project meets all quality standards. This group utilizes technical, production, and marketing to provide a quick and appropriate solution that is tailored to satisfy your needs.
  • Total Quality Process: Our objective is to empower all of our employees to satisfy our clients and partners, and surpass quality expectations.
  • Supplier Standards: Printing Arts maintains a database of approved suppliers which helps ensure consistent quality, repeatability and accountability for all the projects we produce. By sourcing materials and processes from a select list of partner/vendors, we ensure quality, timely delivery and overall project success.
  • Client Standards: Quality begins and ends with our clients. We chart our quality matched to your expectations. We record 28 touch points, Sapphire Service, and we operate a business model to those standards to ensure on-time one-time delivery guaranteed.

Our quality systems include:

  • Locking Computer Verification Fingerprint Technology
  • G7 Master Printer certified pressroom
  • Enhanced Integrated Colortronics
  • Automated Continuous Calibrating Systems
  • On-Site 24/7 Ink Lab
  • NuProof
  • Drop/Ship Testing
  • Crush Testing
  • Rub Testing
  • Tear Testing
  • Ink Fade Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Die Cut/Score Testing