10 things to know about die cutting and scoring

What factors determine how your project is die cut or scored? What things do you need to know when designing your project for die cutting efficiency? How is the die cutting tool made and how long does it last? These questions (and others) are answered right here!

Cold Foil for Folding Cartons

Did you know? +AddBrilliance cold foil is an excellent technology for folding cartons! In-line cold foil makes for excellent throughput while enhancing your packaging message at retail. Need a sample? Click the image and fill out the form!

Smackdown! Cold Foil vs. Metallic Inks!

It’s an offset print smackdown! We recently ran a 5-part press test to benchmark +AddBrilliance cold foil against another in-line press room application; gold ink. Check out the story by clicking the image.

5 reasons to use +AddBrilliance

In this article we summarize 5 great reasons to employ +AddBrilliance in-line cold foil in an upcoming print or packaging project!