+AddBrilliance Foil by Printing Arts is all about enhancing your marketing message and product offering.

Whether you’re competing for that sale at the point-of-purchase, adding enhancements to your packaging, creating new brand awareness and loyalty, or simply trying to get your message noticed, +AddBrilliance can help you achieve your goals.

+AddBrilliance Foil by Printing Arts is an in-line cold foil process that transforms and enhances print and packaging products. The +AddBrilliance process incorporates real foil into your printed materials, making you stand out from the competition. +AddBrilliance foils come in either flat silver or enhanced rainbow holographic. Additionally, custom holographic patterns are also available to bring a special effect to your work adding further differentiation.

Due to the powder-based make-up of the foil material, +AddBrilliance foil is a 100% recyclable!

This innovative combination of ink and foil is a single-pass operation and will take your images to amazing new heights. If you are interested in customizing your packaging at a lower cost, creating or maintaining an up-scale image to increase potential sales revenues, try adding +AddBrilliance!


The +AddBrilliance Solid effect is the perfect effect when creating specific or match colors of foil for logos or graphics. By overprinting spot PMS or 4-color process you can achieve the look of colored foil stamping in a more efficient manner at a lower overall cost.


Does your image or product already have a metallic look? Let us make it appear so real that it jumps off the page! Since +AddBrilliance foils are applied in a similar manner to ink, you can control the position of foil application with amazing accuracy. By applying +AddBrilliance foil as a spot application, you can make the metallic areas come alive with Brilliant reflective metallic effects.


Add a slight spray of Brilliance to lighting effects, background effects and drop shadows. With unmatched control of the cold foil application, +AddBrilliance foil can be positioned in the most subtle parts of your print work. Since foil adhesive is applied with a print unit, foil can be spot applied or even laid down in a screen pattern similar to ink. This level of control brings print and packaging effects to new heights.


The +AddBrilliance reflection effect This effect adds Brilliance to items like ice, water splashes, light reflections and product reflections. Combine AddBrilliance with a spot gloss UV coating or strike-thru varnish for added dimension to your print work. The options are endless!


The Enhance Effect is a combination of any variety of +AddBrilliance effects. By placing foils in strategic locations, you can run your branded PMS colors over the +AddBrilliance foils for a true match. In this effect we overprinted foil to simulate a bright, glossy automotive finish then carried the effect into the chrome headlamps.


Capture consumer attention through Holographic foil. This application is great for any foil project that needs to capture the eye of the consumer. Many of our Packaging and Point of Purchase clients have received a strong consumer response when using +AddBrilliance Holofoil effects. In addition to Holofoil, we have a large library of holofoil patterns to choose from. Please contact us for a sample swatch book.