Direct Mail

Hollywood Casino DM insideWe work with both retail brands and their agencies to deliver a unique direct mail print experience. Direct Mail program success relies upon response rates. We have seen how advanced sheet decorating can translate to improved open rates and response in direct mail programs in every industry. Advanced print and coating technologies include embossing, glitter effects and unique substrates. begin with the press room and continue with structural solutions for pop-up mailers, coupons, envelopes and self-mailers. Our direct mail services combine our strengths in both sheetfed offset printing as well as digital personalization. We align our equipment to the specific needs of your programs and goals.



Web-To-Print Services

Are you a franchisee? Managing a de-centralized sales team? A distributor? A marketing agency? If so, then Printing Arts Web-To-Print service is likely a great fit for you! Web-to-print solutions are a great solution for many reasons:

  • Reduced Obsolescence: By printing your sales/marketing literature on-demand you all but eliminate the risk of obsolete inventories. Industry experts estimate that the advent of Web-To-Print services has reduced print marketing program costs by as much as 30% in some cases in the form of reduced waste and improved turnaround.
  • Regional/Segmented/Targeted Messaging: With the strength of variable data engines on our digital presses we can customize the message or imaging to your specific audience. For example, if you are selling tires nation-wide, you want our variable-data engines to drive imagery by zip code. Folks in Minnesota will get snow tire images while consumers in Miami will get sport compact tires. Now that’s targeted personalization! Perhaps certain regions are not responding as strongly to your offering? Adjust your coupon offer based upon regional buying behavior!
  • Template-Driven Customization: Need to personalize your literature to a particular audience or perhaps insert the names of your staff? With regional sales offices spread all over the country, marketers can offer template-driven customization to their regional sales teams to personalize certain content while “locking down” critical branding elements.
  • Measurement and Analysis: By getting real-time feedback on program success, your print messaging can be adjusted based upon regional response.

From printing, addressing, full personalization and data management, Printing Arts can manage your entire direct mail program! Our system is designed around you and your specific business needs. Call your sales representative today for an in-depth and targeted consultation!