Ink Laboratory


ink-rollerAs a breakdown on the total cost of a project, inks amount for approximately 5% of project cost. As minimal as this sounds, the ink is arguably the most important part of any print project. For without accurate color, the project will never deliver success!

Our in-house ink and coatings lab is on-call 24/7 to support the needs of our valued client-partners. There are several intrinsic benefits to providing ink services:



  • On-Site Ink formulations and job history: Custom mixed samples of all inks formulated in our lab are stored in small batch jars and categorized and labeled for quick reference. This enables us to reproduce exact color matches if the project is ever re-ordered.
  • Increased Response Time: By having a fully-staffed ink lab we can respond quickly to any color management requests during press checks 24 hours a day.
  • Innovation and Differentiation: We are constantly pushing the envelope to provide the most interesting and unusual inks and coatings. This differentiation allows your marketing and creative teams to expand their imagination using the latest coatings and inks on their printed work.
  • Production Efficiency: By providing ink formulating in real-time we can keep you on press without breaking the pace of your project. This translates to faster speed-to-market and reduced cost in the form of shorter press time.
  • Reduced Material Waste: Our ability to improve color accuracy reduces makeready waste and the need for repeated press checks for color accuracy.