2,504 Reasons to get excited about Printing Arts digital press room!

As we journey into another year of solving our client’s complex print and packaging problems we pause to reflect upon the year we left behind. From producing retail folding cartons and sleeves, traffic-stopping point-of-sale materials, award-winning print communications and innovative structural design…the list goes on and on…good times!HP-Indigo-5600-Stock

Okay, enough with the nostalgia….let’s look ahead to a brand-spankin’ new year full of solutions, techniques and new life-saving technologies! Perhaps ’life-saving’ may be a bit of a stretch, but 2014 might go down as the year of digital…at least in the way we see it! Towards that end, here’s a new tool we are adding to our arsenal! We are really amped up about the new HP Indigo 5600 which will be installed any day now! During this momentous occasion, we present to you our valued client-partner, the 2,504 reasons why we love our HP Indigo 5600 6-color  industrial Press!


  1. It’s Versatile!-printing on paper is good…printing on paper, plastics, foils, clings, lenticular and engineered stocks is GREAT! Indigo substrates are Corona treated meaning it can do it all up to 24 point stocks!
  2. It’s Colorful-With 6-color printing including opaque whites and PMS coupled with a bulletproof G7 Master qualification means your work never looked so good!
  3. It’s Super-Cool: So, maybe it isn’t ‘Dr. Evil-Sharks-with-Laser-Beams’ cool but it’s impressive at the very least. The new HP 5600 prints near-offset quality…which translates to higher flexibility on a wider range of printed products. And with the benefit of quick turns and makereadies, short runs on any host of your products, the Indigo is at home producing virtually any promotional tool at either small or large quantities!
  4. It’s James Bond-like: Perhaps not bulletproof but we think even the FBI would be awestruck with the level of security the HP Indigo 5600 can deliver.  Check out the ElectroInk Red inks. These inks create print that is only visible under UV light. This is valuable for high-security plastic cards and adding anti-counterfeiting features.

And…The remaining 2,500 reasons to get excited about our new Indigo 5600 is:

  • The Indigo is compatible with over 2,500 substrates! The widest choice in the industry—the HP Indigo 5600 prints on a range of uncoated and coated papers as well as on unique substrates such as synthetics, dark, transparent, metallic, foil board plastics, recycled media and paperboard for folding cartons.

So there you have it!  We are very excited to start the year off with even more features and services to better support your business.  If you would like a nice packet of samples from our HP Indigo, please contact your sales representative here at Printing Arts!

Happy printing!