Data Management

Printing Arts has the technology to produce highly targeted personalized direct mail that will get the necessary results from your direct mail programs. By implementing a variable data direct mail program, your personalized marketing message will be more relevant to each recipient which of course, will increase the likelihood of a response.

Variable data print allows you to speak directly to the consumer on a 1:1 level; rather than to an entire mailing list receiving the same message or image. By customizing the overall message for each segment, you can make every mail piece relevant for each consumer.

These personalized and targeted messages might include:

  • References to recent buying behavior
  • Targeted landing pages (pURL’s) for program measurement
  • Buying behavior-based preferences
  • Particular traits or interests
  • Regional preferences or needs

Industries that benefit from these programs include:

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals and Health Care Providers
  • Seasonal Promotional Offerings
  • Chain Stores
  • Regionally Specific Program Sells

Regional/Segmented/Targeted Messaging: With the strength of variable data engines on our digital presses we can customize the message or imaging to your specific audience. For example, if you are selling tires nation-wide, you want our variable-data engines to drive imagery by zip code. Folks in Minnesota will get images of cars with snow tires while consumers in Miami will get images of cars with sport compact tires.

Now that’s targeted personalization!

Perhaps certain regions are not responding as strongly to your offering? Adjust your coupon offer based upon regional buying behavior! Targeted messaging can be tailored down to a particular zip code!

Web-to-Print Programs: With regional sales offices often spread all over the country, marketers can offer template-driven customization to their regional sales teams to personalize certain content while “locking down” critical branding elements. Need to personalize your literature to a particular audience or perhaps insert the names of your staff? This capability is now within reach through web-to-print services. Web-to-print also offers reduced waste by:

  • Order Volume Control: Web-to-print is a great way to keep large inventories of literature off the shelves. By using a web-to-print model your literature is ordered on-demand.
  • Regional Preferences: Your regional stores or sales offices are empowered to order literature based upon need. No two offices/stores are the same so this empowers your regional offices to order only the literature needed for their programs.
  • Good for the environment: It was once a reality that large-volume print orders were made based upon estimated demand of the program promotion. Many marketers threw caution to the wind and placed order volumes high to anticipate the need for promotional literature. Often times the literature went obsolete only to end up in a recycling shredder. By ordering on-demand, print volumes can be better controlled thus reducing waste.